Research to Operation and Project Planning Division

Two Orbits, One MissionThe Research to Operations and Project Planning Division (ROPPD) develops pre-formulation and early formulation phase budgets and plans for new satellite projects. ROPPD’s oversight begins with pre-Phase A and continues through KDP B of the satellite acquisition process. It defines project concept and system performance specifications for future NESDIS projects. It studies alternatives, such as foreign partnerships, smallsats, and commercial alternatives, to identify specific potential solutions to NESDIS top-level requirements. It leads and participates in conferences and workshops to provide user outreach and conduct market research. Output products include documents codifying lower level user needs (i.e., resolution, timeliness, and accuracy); alternatives analysis and recommendations; concepts of operations and acquisition strategy; user benefits, cost and schedule estimates, and project work breakdown structures. In support of all the above activities, the division provides technical liaison and integration with other NESDIS and NOAA offices, the technical staffs of NASA, and other Federal and non-Federal user agencies and groups.