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Richard Ullman

Deputy Director
Office of Space Weather Observations
Richard Ullman

Richard Ullman is the Deputy Director of the NESDISOffice of Space Weather Observations. In this role, he assists the SWODirector in development, acquisition, integration, installation, and acceptance of major system elements (spacecraft, instruments, launch services, and ground services) for NOAA’s operational environmental satellite systems. He also assists the SWO Director in overseeing requirements definition studies, conceptual and detailed engineering design and overall systems planning.

Mr. Ullman joined NOAA in 2013 as Deputy Chief of SWO's Program Management and Execution Division where he was a key team member in NOAA's oversight of the COSMIC-2, DSCOVR, MetOP-C and Jason-3 missions. Before joining SWO, Richard spent twenty-five years at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center working as a systems engineer, data architect, and scientific programmer in Earth Science Data Systems. Among his multiple assignments while at NASA were roles in joint NOAA/NASA programs including Data Products Engineering at JPSS and NPOESS and Ground Systems Engineering at GOES-R.

Mr. Ullman has a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in Physics from Dickinson College.