Program Management Execution Division


An artist's illustration of the Jason-3 space craft in orbit above the Earth.

The Project Management and Execution Division (PMED) is responsible for the portfolio of OPPA projects and partnerships that are either late in formulation or in the implementation phase of the satellite acquisition process. The Division’s oversight begins with the completion of the KDP 0, Phase B milestone and continues through Phases B, C, D, and E. The execution of projects within these portfolio programs is delegated to partners both internally within other offices of NESDIS, and externally with space hardware, services, and systems acquisition partners such as NASA.

For each program in the portfolio, PMED assigns a Program Manager (PM) with technical oversight authority and responsibility to assure that all components and aspects of the program are executed according to technical requirements and schedule. The PMED PM will monitor these delegated projects and receive reports from them to gain insight and status and to coordinate the integration of the component parts. The PM is responsible for representing the status of the program as a whole to NESDIS management.