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Office of Projects, Partnerships, and Analysis

Space Weather Observations for Future Generations

OPPA develops and deploys operational satellite systems that study space weather and safeguard society.

About OPPA

What we do 

OPPA manages NESDIS’ space weather programs from inception to launch. 

How we do it

OPPA is organized into two divisions: Research to Operations and Project Planning Division (ROPPD) and Project Management and Execution Division (PMED).  

  • ROPPD grows new satellite projects from inception through formulation, developing budgets and plans and operating as a technical liaison for partners and users. 
  • PMED manages existing satellite projects from formulation to launch, overseeing project delegation and execution by partners to ensure projects meet technical requirements and remain on schedule. 

OPPA in Action



OPPA Partners

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Elsayed R. Talaat
Director of OPPA
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Richard Ullman
Deputy Director of OPPA
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Jim Silva
PMED Division Chief
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Irfan Azeem
ROPPD Division Chief
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Jeffery Clegg
Resource Manager
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Argelia Gonzalez
Chief of Staff
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