2019 NOAA Emerging Technologies Workshop

Last month, nearly 400 attendees convened in-person and remotely at the third NOAA Emerging Technologies Workshop (ETW). Hosted by NOAA's three Strategy Councils, the 2019 ETW showcased new and evolving technologies with the potential to advance resilience to extreme weather and water and the Blue Economy. Workshop attendees heard from RDML Tim Gallaudet and Dr. Cisco Werner, as well as presenters representing Google, Amazon, UCAR, Saildrone, and many others. The post-workshop report, featuring key insights and takeaways from the event, will be released within the next several months.

At the COSMIC-2 launchpad

On June 24, 2019, OPPA team members participated in the STP-2 Falcon Heavy Pad Visit in support of the COSMIC-2 mission. This unique opportunity allowed some of the OPPA team members an up-close view of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy as it was readied for launch on June 25. (Image credit: SpaceX)

Space Weather Program

Space weather impacts satellites, human space exploration, power grids, and radio communications that support global positioning systems, airplanes, pipelines, and railway systems, among many others. The Space Weather Follow On (SWFO) Program has been established to sustain a foundational set of space-based space weather observations and measurements of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) imagery and solar wind measurements. The SWFO Program will provide continuity in the case of a gap in the current CME imagery and in-situ solar wind measurements.