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Geostationary Satellite Videos & Animations

NOAA’s latest generation of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES), known as the GOES-R Series, is the nation’s most advanced fleet of geostationary weather satellites. 

Find out more about these satellites as well as the latest news below.


Introducing the GOES Satellites

GOES-R with earth reflected in its solar panels
An introduction to NOAA's GOES-R Series Satellites - including GOES-R GOES-16 GOES East and GOES-S GOES-17 GOES West.
Introducing the GOES Series
Drawing of GOES-R
Satellite science is fun for kids too! From weather and hazards on Earth to search and rescue and bursts of energy from the sun, the GOES-R satellite will see it all from 22,000 miles above our planet!
Watch GOES-R