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Landmark Legislation Provides NESDIS Funding to Improve Climate-Readiness

June 6, 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a historic, federal government-wide investment that furthers NOAA’s efforts to build a Climate-Ready Nation. The IRA will provide nearly $3.3 billion to NOAA over five years. These funds will help Americans prepare for and build resilience to extreme weather and climate changes; improve supercomputing capacity and research on weather, oceans, and climate; and upgrade NOAA facilities and aircraft.

NESDIS is contributing to NOAA’s IRA-funded efforts to accelerate advances in climate research, improve modeling of changes in weather and climate, and share critical information with the public.

Under IRA, NESDIS will receive $80.5M in two major focus areas: $74.1M for industry proving grounds and $6.4M for data initiatives.

Industry proving grounds will provide customized climate information to help industry sectors protect lives and livelihoods. NESDIS project goals include:

  • Engaging with industry representatives to capture data needs
  • Improving industry access to authoritative climate information
  • Developing climate risk models for key industry sectors
  • Innovating new strategies for industry collaboration

Data initiatives will foster regional collaboration to assist state and local leaders with practical solutions to climate problems. NESDIS project goals include:

  • Expanding regional team expertise to provide place-based climate information
  • Enhancing satellite-based flood products for Alaska
  • Addressing gaps in climate data for underserved communities
  • Optimize NOAA data assimilation with artificial intelligence