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GOES-R: Coming to an orbit 22,240 miles from you!

November 16, 2016
Note to screen-readers: This page is using an IFrame for the content-area, and you screen reader may not be abel to see it on this website. For screen-reading purposes, please go directly to the IFrame's target page by going to an orbit 22,000 miles from you...a weather satellite like never before...GOES-R!

The GOES-R series satellites will provide continuous weather monitoring. The new generation GOES-R satellites will carry significant improvements and technology innovation on board. GOES-R will be able to deliver a full globe scan in only 5 minutes, compared to the 25 minutes needed for the same task with the current GOES satellites. GOES-R's lightning mapper instrument is expected to improve warning lead time for severe storms and tornadoes by 50%. This without a doubt will help predict severe weather in advance and save more lives.

Credit: NASA Goddard Multimedia