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NOAA's Satellite Applications Symposium Series: Water

The Future of Aquatic Modeling and Productivity for Ocean Health

Get Updates about ocean, lakes, and rivers satellite progress, learn about new data available and provide feedback on your changing needs and challenges.

Pre-registration requested

Location: College Park, MD and Virtual

Please join us for the third bi-annual NESDIS Oceans and Water Satellite Symposium. This event will focus on advancing engagement and readiness for the next generation of ocean color satellites. If you are interested in the use of cutting-edge remote sensing technology to monitor the health of oceans, estuaries, lakes, and rivers, we highly encourage your participation. Attendees can anticipate:

Clouds moving along the coastline viewed from space.
  • Receiving updates about innovative satellite systems and exciting new applications.
  • Networking and engaging with critical stakeholders and get feedback from them on their changing needs.
  • Offering/receiving feedback on the road to application-ready science for societal benefit and decision-making.  
  • Gaining insight into how to utilize the emergent and upcoming ocean color data products.

Context: In 2020 and 2022, workshops were held to determine user needs and develop requirements for a new ocean color instrument named OCX, expected to be launched on board the next generation of geostationary satellites, GeoXO. Since then, NASA has recently launched  PACE, a satellite capable of monitoring the ocean surface and the layers above the ocean with unprecedented color resolution. In addition, NASA has progressed with the build and planning of the GLIMR mission, which is expected to be launched within a few years to help scientists observe and monitor ocean biology, chemistry, and ecology across several coastal regions. 

We look forward to your participation and feedback as we continue to guide the production of new data products and instrument requirements.