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NOAA Announces Technology Studies to Inform Development of New Weather Instruments, Next-Gen Ground Systems

April 13, 2023

NOAA today announced plans to release three Broad Agency Announcements, or BAAs, that may lead to industry studies of emerging technology to improve Numerical Weather Prediction, mitigation of 5G impact on NOAA weather satellites, and development of next-generation ground and data systems.

The BAAs – and the studies that will result – are part of NOAA’s Office of System Architecture and Advanced Planning (OSAAP) Joint Venture Partnership. Joint Venture Partnership collaborates with other federal agencies, the academic community, and the commercial sector to research promising technology and explore the feasibility of that technology to meet NOAA’s future observational, product, and service needs. 

Specifically, the recent BAAs will explore the feasibility of developing technologies for: 

The value of these emerging technologies in enhancing a variety of NOAA’s systems including Numerical Weather Prediction and satellite ground processing is being investigated. The BAAs are a critical first step in assessing possibilities for the future. This is exploratory and there are no planned missions or end needs tied to these technologies.

Following the release of the BAAs, there will be a Community Day for all interested parties. Based on the responses to the BAAs, NOAA will choose the best options to pursue.