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GOES-R DataJam Competition

The GOES-R DataJam is a two-week virtual competition for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their best use of GOES-R Series data. Training sessions will be held ahead of the competition that will include coding practice with hands-on exercises, background information, and resources. The goal of this educational event is to expand the remote sensing knowledge base and technical skillset of the participating students, while also providing them the opportunity to network with NOAA and NASA professionals and gain recognition for great ideas, leadership, and teamwork. This event is planned for October 2023.

Meeting Details
Location: Fully Virtual
Dates: October 2023 (Final dates to be announced)

  • Training Days – background info and coding workshops
  • Scoping Day – team leads propose their project ideas
  • Competition – two weeks to come up with a solution
  • Presentation Day – teams present results to judges
  • Awards Ceremony – find out who wins!

Fill out the registration form here
Registration is first come first served to the first 100 eligible students who submit their form
Registration deadline is September 15, 2023

Cost: No cost to participate!


  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Coding skills are not a prerequisite
  • Recommend having an interest in applicable topics such as: meteorology or other Earth sciences, satellite remote sensing, computer science, graphic design, communications, or emergency management
  • Any applicant can register as a team lead and provide their rough project idea. See the Team Leadership FAQs for more information.

The Challenges
Teams will choose one of the proposed challenges:

Challenge #1: Visualize the View
Coding experience required: any skill level
Communicating science to a general audience imparts knowledge and inspires curiosity. Create a visualization or interactive experience that educates the public about GOES-R data and usage. Projects should be aesthetically compelling. Innovation and out of the box thinking encouraged.

Challenge #2: Clouds Computing Clouds
Coding experience required: proficient
With terabytes of GOES-R data being generated each day, efficient ways to access, process, and synthesize these data into easily accessible end-user products requires significant computer processing. In this challenge, fuse GOES-R data with another type of data set, utilizing cloud computing resources, to create a novel end-user product or methodology. Groups performing this challenge must also deliver well-commented code.

Terms and Conditions of Participation
Code of Conduct and Etiquette
Terms of Eligibility and Allowed Resources

For more information about the GOES-R DataJam
Check out the GOES-R DataJam FAQs
Contact us with any questions at

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