Jason-3 satellite in orbit over the Earth

Following the successful launch of Jason-3 in January 2016, French Space Agency (CNES) chaired the successful Jason-3 Flight Assessment Review on April 12 in which the spacecraft and ground systems performance requirements were verified.

SpaceX rocket lifting off from Earth for Jason-3 launch

In May 2016, the Satellite Handover Review took place which culminated in NOAA assuming control of the Jason-3 satellite operations. The following month, the first verification workshop resulted in the official release of the Jason-3 operational products, sea surface wind speed, significant wave height, and sea surface height to the National Weather Service and other users requiring these data within 2.5 hours from observation.

Jason-3 continues to provide valuable operational and climate products that add value to our understanding of maritime conditions across the world.

For more information about Jason-3, please visit the NESDIS Jason-3 website.