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Space Weather Follow-On L1 mission

Image of Lagrange Points
Diagram showing the relative position of the Sun and the Earth and the five Lagrange points,
with contour lines of the effective potential. (Image credit: NASA)

Space Weather Follow-On L1 mission (SWFO-L1) will orbit the Sun at approximately 1.5 million kilometers from Earth on the Earth-Sun line, a point known as L1. The SWFO-L1 mission will use a suite of instruments to make in-situ measurements of the solar wind thermal plasma and magnetic field as well as a CCOR instrument to detect CMEs. The L1 orbit allows for continuous unobstructed observation of the corona without interference from the Earth.

Image of the Sun
A coronal mass ejection event on Feb 27, 2000, captured by
SOHO LASCO instruments, C2 and C3. (Image credit: ESA SOHO & NASA)