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DSCOVR space weather data now available!!!

July 27, 2016
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Real-time data from DSCOVR and space weather forecasts are now available through the Space Weather Prediction Center. An archive of DSCOVR data is also accessible to users, who will be able to visualize and download the data.

GOES-R ready to join DSCOVR; will provide more complete picture of space weather

Set to launch November, 2016, GOES-R will also help scientists monitor space weather.

Tom Berger of NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center explains how these two satellites work together.

The DSCOVR operational transition highlights the value of the NOAA and NASA team that delivered the mission to space. The partnership between the research and operational Agencies has worked well for many years and will continue with NASA providing research and NOAA providing operational space weather observations.