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NEDTalk: Geostationary NOAA Satellite Data

NOAA's next geostationary satellite in the GOES-R series, GOES-T, is scheduled to launch in February of 2022. 

In honor of this event, join GOES-R Program Scientist, Dan Lindsey, who will be discussing the many ways that data from geostationary satellites can be used as well as the role that GOES-T will play. 



Headshot of Dan Lindsey
Dan Lindsey, GOES-R Program Scientist


Title: GOES-R Program Scientist 
Organization: NOAA/NESDIS/GOES-R Program

Bio: Dan Lindsey is the NOAA/NESDIS GOES-R Program Scientist. He has been with NOAA since 2004 in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and specializes in satellite remote sensing of mesoscale phenomena from the geostationary platform, including thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, and aerosols such as smoke and blowing dust.