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COSMIC-2 Benefits

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The Science

COSMIC-2 data are collected in all weather conditions over land and sea. The radio occultation technique gives scientists a near real-time snapshot of atmospheric conditions, including:

  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Density
  • Water vapor content (humidity)

These data are important for computer models used in medium and long-range weather forecasts.


What that means

Global tropical data coverage

  • At a 24-degree inclination, the COSMIC-2 constellation takes frequent measurements of the region where tropical storms form.

Improved weather forecast models

  • COSMIC-2 observations have been shown to improve the accuracy of weather forecast models.

High-resolution water vapor data

  • This new data helps meteorologists better observe, research and forecast hurricanes, typhoons and other storms.

Space-weather monitoring

  • The ability to monitor the effects of solar flares and other space weather increases lead time for detecting events that could put our electric grids at risk.

Global temperature and climate monitoring

  • Highly accurate tropical temperature readings help us better understand long-term variations in Earth’s climate. COSMIC-2 data can also be used to test and improve climate models.