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NEW! Use these interactive tools to view and download real-time, full-resolution satellite imagery.

NOAA Satellite Maps - Latest 3D Scene

Click on the globes slides icon in this viewer to see the latest imagery from our satellites. Zoom in on locations around the globe and see developing weather patterns around the planet. To download imagery, please use the Latest 24 Hours and Global Archive maps below. Learn more about this map here: FAQ Page


NOAA Satellite Maps - Latest 24 Hrs. and Global Archive - Downloadable Imagery

Click the map on the LEFT to see the latest 24-hour imagery of the Western Hemisphere and Pacific Ocean from our GOES satellites. Zoom in on different locations and capture and download images using the Camera Icon camera icon. You can also use the Layers Icon 'Layers' icon to view the 'Infrared' and 'Water Vapor' imagery.

Click the map on the RIGHT to see the whole Earth as captured each day by our polar satellites, including our multi year archive of data, use the time slider Time Icon tool to go back in time to past satellite imagery. Learn more about both of these maps here: FAQ Page


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Image of the Day

GOES East Focuses On Wildfire Smoke in the Canary Islands

August 20, 2019

A wildfire burning on the Island of Gran Canaria in Spain’s Canary Islands is the worst in six years, authorities say. Originating near the town of Tejeda, the flames burned out of control for three days, advancing on two fronts in a mountainous area rich in dry vegetation. Here, GOES East zeroed in on smoke emanating from the island. This is the second major fire to break out on the island this month.  >>



Combined GOES East visible and infrared imagery over the continental United States

Visible and Infrared Imagery

This imagery combines the latest half-hourly GOES infrared and visible images with NASA's "Blue Marble" data set to create real-time animations of the weather systems over the continental United States during the past 72 hours.

HD movie | Quick download movie

GOES East colorized infrared imagery over the continental United States

Colorized Infrared

Infrared images can be "colorized" or "color-enhanced" to bring out details in cloud patterns. Depending on the type of enhancement, the colors are used to signify certain aspects of the data.

HD movie | Quick download movie

GOES East colorized water vapor imagery over the continental United States

Water Vapor

Water vapor imagery, which is useful for both determining locations of moisture and atmospheric circulations, is created using a wavelength sensitive to the content of water vapor in the atmosphere.

HD movie | Quick download movie


Satellite Imagery Collections

Image of the Day

Image of the Day

See the latest imagery of significant weather and environmental events from NOAA’s fleet of geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites.


Historic Events Gallery

Historic Events

Iconic satellite images from historic storms, floods, fires, and other events that most significantly impacted our lives.

Beautiful Places Gallery

Beautiful Places

Our most beautiful satellite imagery, from unique landscapes to colorful visualizations from across our planet Earth.


Data Visualizations Gallery

Data Visualizations

See how NOAA satellite data is used to create maps that measure the state of our planet.