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OSAAP Leadership Presentations

This page contains a curation of the most recent presentations delivered by OSAAP leadership communicating NOAA’s plans for developing the next generation of its space-based remote sensing and Earth observation satellite architecture. 

Topics include how NOAA incorporates emerging technologies, commercial launch and data capabilities, evolving ground capabilities, and strategic partnerships.



Satellite image showing smoke from multiple fires in northern California
View of fires in Northern California, including the Dixie Fire, on August 20, 2021


Presentations from OSAAP leadership

Our Vision - a selection of satellite imagery displayed on Earth's sphere
Briefing to NOAA's Science Advisory Board: Priorities for Weather Research July 15 2021
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Graph showing Constellation Orbital Configuration for NOAA satellites, including NOAA-20, S-NPP, NOAA-19, NOAA-15, METOP-A, METOP-B, METOP-C, and NOAA-18
Temperature & Moisture Sounding for NWP & Future Observations July 12-16, 2021
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Near Term: Obtaining 5000 Daily Occultations.  Artist's rendering of COSMIC-2 satellite in orbit above the Earth
Current Status and Future Plans April 7 2021
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