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Video: Meet JPSS

Activity Type: Video |
Audience: General Public, Students |
Grades: K-4, 5-8
Learning Time: 3 minutes


JPSS (short for Joint Polar Satellite System) is a series of high tech satellites that will keep an eye on the weather and environment. These satellites will circle the Earth from North Pole to South Pole 14 times each day as the planet spins below. This allows JPSS to see the whole Earth twice every day!

JPSS-2—the second satellite in the JPSS series—is scheduled to launch in 2022. It has a suite of advanced instruments to collect information about what’s happening in the atmosphere, on the land, and on the surface of the oceans. From its orbit 512 miles above Earth, JPSS-2 will help us:

  • Create more accurate weather forecasts up to 7 days in advance.
  • Track how the weather affects plants, including forests and the crops that grow our food.
  • Monitor ocean health by taking detailed measurements of water temperature and color.
  • Keep tabs on the atmosphere to create earlier warnings of severe weather.
  • Watch for volcanoes and forest fires around the world to monitor air quality and enhance public safety.