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Activity: Grow a Seed or Bean

Activity Type: Lesson Plans / Curriculum |
Audience: Students, Teachers |
Grades: K-4, 5-8
Learning Time: 30 Minutes

This activity guides you on how to grow a seed or bean at home with common materials you have at home.


The Spring showers brought plenty of rain to the trees, plants, flowers and grass. Plants are very important to farmers and scientists. They give us food, air to breathe, and provide homes for life on Earth. During the Summer, farmers and scientists observe their crops to make sure they stay healthy.

Farmers and gardeners must make sure their plants have the right ingredients to stay healthy. Plants need water, sunlight, air, soil and space to grow. Too much or too little of these ingredients will result in an unhealthy plant. Therefore, farmers and gardeners spend the summer making sure their crops stay healthy and green by monitoring them every day.

Collage of activity text and photos of bean sprouts and a plant in a pot.