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Kathryn Shontz

Deputy Director
Office of Common Services
Image of Kathryn Shontz

Kathryn is the Deputy Director of the NOAA/NESDIS Office of Common Services. She is responsible for enterprise migration to the cloud, current production and archive systems, Radio Frequency and Interference Monitoring System, and product portfolio management in general.

Kathryn previously served the Office of the Under Secretary for NOAA to develop and demonstrate an enterprise cloud-based central repository, focusing on support to near-real time applications. In her recent role as Cloud Innovation Project Manager, Kathryn delivered the NESDIS cloud infrastructure solution, supervising an integrated development team of organizational experts. Kathryn leads product and service strategic initiatives, including development of organizational data product requirements and implementation of data-focused portfolio management processes for NESDIS.

Previously, Kathryn served as the Product Lead for the NESDIS and was responsible for executing an integrated portfolio of data product development and transition to operations. In this role, she was responsible for development data management and prioritization as well as serving as the user requirements liaison for Low-Earth orbiting satellites. She also served the JPSS Program as a scientist and system engineer responsible for implementation reviews which saved the government millions of dollars. Finally, she was the science algorithm and integration liaison between the science development teams and operational IT systems at NESDIS.