Sputnik and the Satellite Revolution
58 years ago a small metal sphere, 23 inches in diameter and weighing only 184 pounds, forever changed the way we see our planet. Read more »

Satellite Technology: How big is a Satellite?

Ranging from the size of a small school bus down to the size of your lunchbox, satellites of all shapes and sizes are used to monitor Earth from space.
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NOAA David Johnson Award

For Outstanding Innovative Use Of Earth Observation Satellite Data.
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How Deep is the Ocean?

This may seem like a simple question, but the surfaces of Mars, Venus and Earth’s moon are better mapped than our own planet.
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Retiring the Names of Extraordinary Storms

Like the retired jerseys and numbers of extraordinary athletes, the most destructive and costly hurricanes in history also have their names retired. Read more »

Would you believe this wasn’t actually a “photograph” of Earth?

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Preparing for GOES-R: Practice Makes Perfect

GOES-14 Super Rapid Scan visible images of the eye of Hurricane Marie Read more »

Image of the Day

Hurricane Joaquin, Wet and Windy Weather on the East Coast