National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS)

Satellite Image of the Day Gallery

Dust Storm Over the Red Sea
Heavy Precipitation Event in California
Snow Blankets Eastern North America
Swirling Ice Eddies in the Labrador Sea
Cyclone Kelvin batters northwest Australia
Cumulus Cloud Rows over the South
Current Ice Cover on the Great Lakes
Mayon Volcano Erupts in the Philippines
Clear Skies Over the Saint Lawrence Seaway
Snow Blankets New England
Arctic Cold Grips North America
Swirls of Phytoplankton in the South Atlantic
"Cloud Streets" Over the Great Lakes
The 2017 Winter Solstice Arrives
Unusual Early-Season Snowfall in the South
Thomas Fire Erupts in Southern California
Lake Nasser, Egypt
Mount Agung Erupts in Bali, Indonesia
Black Body Friday
Pilgrims, Provincetown and Plymouth
Typhoon Damrey Bears Down on Vietnam
Hurricane Gert in the Atlantic Ocean
Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Reaches Annual Maximum
Tracking Cyclones: Frequency