National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS)



This year, @NOAASatellites will be holding its third annual #Datapalooza—a series of Twitter chats that aim to celebrate NOAA data while also making it more accessible.


This year's chat topics are the following: 


Emergency Preparedness (Thursday, Sept. 3) 

  • Lieutenant Aaron D. Colohan, SARSAT Operations Support Officer 
  • Alyson Finn, Disaster Preparedness Program 
  • Jeff Peters, NOAA/NWS Lightning Safety Expert


Severe Weather (Thursday, Sept. 10) 

  • Joel Cline, NWS Tropical Program Coordinator
  • Jeff Peters, NOAA/NWS Lightning Safety Expert
  • Greg Schoor, NWS Severe Weather Services Program Leader
  • Vanna Chmielewski, CIMMS and NSSL Severe Weather Researcher
  • William Bunting, NWS Storm Prediction Center


Space Weather (Thursday, Sept. 17) 

  • Elsayed Talaat, PhD,  NESDIS, OPPA Director
  • Doug Biesecker, PhD,  NOAA/NWS/Space Weather Prediction Center
  • Hazel Bain, PhD, Research Scientist, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
  • Tzu-Wei Fang, PhD, CIRES
  • Daniel Seaton, NCEI


Fire Weather (Thursday, Sept. 24) 

  • Robyn Heffernan, NOAA/NWS National Fire Weather Science and Dissemination Meteorologist
  • Jorel Torres, CIRA 
  • Nicholas Nauslar, Bureau of Land Management


Droughts (Thursday, Oct. 1) 

  • Richard Heim, NCEI Meteorologist and drought/snow specialist
  • Karin Gleason, NCEI Meteorologist
  • Steve Ansari, NIDIS U.S. Drought Portal Manager, NCEI


Each chat will last from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET.

Our experts listed above will be available to chat and answer questions pertaining to the specific topics during the specified time frame each day.

Please help us spread the word and follow the conversation using the #Datapalooza hashtag. See you there! 


We also encourage you to share any work you have done or data vizualization/graphic where you utilized NOAA data using the same hashtag.