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Hurricane Nate & Tropical Storm Ophelia - October 2017

NOAA GOES-16 Captures Tropical Storm Ophelia Forming Oct. 9th


Just as Nate dissipates over the US, Tropical Depression 17 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Ophelia as it gathers strength in the Atlantic Ocean.

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NOAA GOES-16 Imagery of Nate Making Landfall Oct. 7th




NOAA GOES16 infrared imagery of Nate as it made landfall last night on the Gulf Coast. The tropical storm is weakening but heavy rainfall continues over the southeastern US, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Infrared satellite imagery, which detects heat radiating off of clouds and the surface of the Earth, can be "colorized" or "color-enhanced" to bring out certain aspects of the data. These color enhancements are useful to meteorologists because the colors enable them to pinpoint items of interest, such as cloud-top height. In this imagery, the darker areas signify taller clouds, which correlate with more intense areas of the storm.

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NOAA GOES-16 Satellite Captures Hurricane Nate Oct. 7th



NOAA GOES16 satellite captured this imagery over the past several hours (10:00AM-5:00PM EDT) which shows Hurricane Nate quickly approaching Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama coasts.

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Hurricane Nate Approaches Northern Gulf Coast Oct. 7th



Hurricane Nate is our 9th hurricane of the record breaking season so far, NOAA GOES16 satellite captured this geocolor imagery of sunrise over the storm this morning, Oct. 7th as it approaches the Gulf Coast.

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