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Vanessa Griffin

Office of Systems Architecture & Advanced Planning
Image of Venessa Griffin

As the Director of the Office of Systems Architecture and Advanced Planning (OSAAP), Vanessa Griffin leads the architectural development for the next generation of NOAA's environmental satellite constellations, adopting new technology and space commerce business practices to achieve enhanced performance at a lower cost.

Prior to her position in OSAAP, Ms. Griffin directed the Office of Satellite and Product Operations and the 550+-person team responsible for the successful operation of eighteen of the Nation’s environmental satellites along with the production and analysis of science products using the data from those satellites. Ms. Griffin previously served as the Project Manager for NOAA’s largest IT development project, responsible for the design and development of the large, complex ground system NOAA uses to operate the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - Series R (GOES-R) satellites.

In addition, she has worked at NASA Headquarters, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Goddard Space Flight Center spanning over 15 years. During her time at NASA, Ms. Griffin encumbered several positions including project scientist, Earth Observing System Algorithm Program Manager, Earth Sciences Program Integration Manager, and Systems Engineer for Exploration Systems.

Vanessa Griffin holds a Master of Science Degree in Atmospheric Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology along with Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Meteorology and Computer Science.