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Frank W. Gallagher III, Ph.D.

System Architecture and Requirements Division (SARD) Chief
Office of Systems Architecture & Advanced Planning
Image of Frank W. Gallagher III, Ph.D.

Dr. Frank Gallagher comes to NESDIS from the Department of Defense's U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground in northern Utah. He was most recently the Meteorological Operations Branch Chief and Technical Director of Army Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Meteorology. His group provided meteorological forecasting, instrumentation, and data analysis support for the Army Test and Evaluation Command at Dugway and seven other test ranges. 

Prior to working at Dugway, he received his doctorate from the University of Oklahoma, studying meteorological instrumentation and the optical properties of severe and non-severe thunderstorms and spent additional five years as a visiting professor. Prior to his doctoral studies, he also worked as an electrical engineer as a meteorological instrumentation and digital designer. Dr. Gallagher earned his Master's degree in Meteorology from the University of Maryland and Meteorology and Electrical Engineering Bachelor degrees from the Pennsylvania State University.