The Employee Advisory Council (EAC)

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The Employee Advisory Council (EAC) has been established to represent OPPA team members, both Federal employees and contractors, and serve in an advisory capacity to OPPA senior leadership regarding pertinent issues that affect the morale, working conditions, business culture, efficiency, and the success of OPPA team members in their jobs and in the organization. The primary mission of the EAC is to create an environment that values and supports employee engagement and promotes a healthy organization by developing internal protocols for OPPA employees.

The EAC facilitates communications within OPPA, complementing the flow of information via the supervisory chain. The EAC encourages OPPA team member communications and feedback. Team members can provide input directly and confidentially to the EAC in a number of ways, including contacting an individual member, attending an EAC meeting, or submitting to an EAC designated email account that will be set up for those employees not able to attend or hesitant to discuss.

Team Members can submit concerns or suggestions regarding any of the following areas:

  • Mission
  • Facilities
  • Safety
  • Human resources
  • Programs and Events
  • Other topics of concern

The EAC acts as a conduit for communication flow across the office, providing a welcoming and confidential venue for team members to share their concerns and suggestions. The EAC also allows Federal employees to communicate outside their supervisory chain and facilitates cross-division communications.