Peer Appreciation Award

Joanne Ostroy

June 2018

Joanne OstroyPlease allow me to congratulate Joanne Ostroy for the June 2018 Peer Appreciation award. Joanne Ostroy has provided valued engineering support to multiple programs IRSO/SCATSAT, SWFO, and COSMIC-2. Each of these programs has needs and requirements that require specialized engineering. Joanne's technical expertise has helped each program by providing documentation or leading studies that assist OPPA in program success. Please join me in thanking Joanne for her valued support. As part of OPPA's Peer Appreciation Award Program, Joanne can nominate and announce next month's Awardee.

Joanne is charged with nominating a peer for appreciation in August.





Dan Mamula

April 2018

Dan MamulaDan Mamula is a gifted project manager and over the past few years he has touched an aspect of just about every named project that OPPA has been engaged with. His contribution has always yielded solid results, even if not always with a decision to move forward. In the weeks since the SWFO activity at the Goddard mission design lab, Dan stepped in to guide the production of a truly excellent package for a SWFO way forward. This package was a decisive step toward making the SWFO project a reality. As if to top that, after the FY18 budget was passed by Congress and Dan found himself as lead of two other revived projects, CDARS and EON-MW. Dan, for pulling triple duty and performing with grace and continued excellence under extreme time pressure, I appreciate your contribution to SWFO and other OPPA projects.

As the final awardee in this period, Dan is charged with nominating a peer for appreciation in May 2018.



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