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Office of Projects, Planning, and Analysis

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OPPA Mission

Two Orbits, One MissionThrough small-scale flight projects, domestic and international partnerships, and data exploitation initiatives, the Office of Projects, Planning, and Analysis implements evolutionary improvement to satellite systems and enables expansion of international space cooperation and improves space based earth and solar observations capabilities.

Focus on flight projects (as opposed to flight programs, which are much larger), executed with domestic, international, and commercial partnerships in order to meet NOAA observation requirements. As part of this responsibility, the Office administers a comprehensive requirements identification and analysis process, and translates requirements for data, products, and services into flight projects, exploitation, and partnerships.

OPPA Vision

The NESDIS vision is to be the world's most comprehensive source and recognized authority for satellite products, environmental information, and official assessments of the environment in support of societal and economic decisions. OPPA supports this vision by providing creative leadership, expert engineering, and disciplined project management practices to enable the deployment of new satellite missions. OPPA enables NESDIS collaboration with other agencies and organizations by leading formal working groups and teams to support NOAA goals and objectives. OPPA's support helps NESDIS lead the effort with other agencies and countries in establishing a global observing system to meet the world's information needs for weather, climate, oceans, and disasters and developing a skilled, energetic and dedicated workforce through training, motivation, and teamwork.