Vanessa Griffin (Acting)
Chief Information OfficerKelly Turner Chief of StaffCherish Johnson  Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative OfficerMark S. Paese (Acting) Office of Space CommercializationTahara Dawkins Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs OfficeD. Brent Smith International & Interagency Affairs Office Mark S. Paese (Acting)
Assistant Administrator for 
Satellite & Information Services Vanessa Griffin (Acting)
Deputy Assistant Administrator for 
Satellite & Information Services Thomas Burns, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Systems Patrick M. Condray (Acting) 
Office of Satellite & Product Operations Al Powell Center for Satellite Applications and Research Suzanne Hilding Office of Systems Development Gregory Mandt GOES-R Program Office Harry Cikanek Joint Polar Satellite System Office Thomas R. Karl National Climatic Data Center Margarita Gregg National Oceanographic Data Center Eric Kihn (Acting) National Geophysical Data Center

NESDIS Organizational Chart as of 09/ 09/ 14