NOAA internet tool provides unique access to environmental data

November 5, 2013

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These two globe images, taken directly from NOAA View illustrate the changes in ocean acidification that are expected as the ocean continually absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Read More...

NOAA today unveiled the beta version of "NOAA View," an online educational tool that gives educators and the public interactive access to NOAA environmental data, enabling unique views of the world's oceans, land, atmosphere, cryosphere and climate.

The NOAA View imagery portal provides a single point for experiencing NOAA data, including environmental information captured by satellites, inserted into scientific models and other data analyses. Users can browse, animate and download high-resolution imagery from the NOAA Visualization Lab, making it an ideal tool for putting NOAA data into the hands of students in classrooms around the world.

NOAA View, which was developed by NOAA's Center for Satellite Applications and Research and the NOAA Visualization Lab, brings together more than 60 different sets of data, some even as far back as 1880, with new data sets being added regularly. Content is updated on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis as data observations and collections permit.

Examples of data contents include: wind speed, coral bleaching, ice cover, vegetation, precipitation, and views of the Earth at night. NOAA View lets users manipulate the display to change views of the world, data inputs and periods of time to observe the Earth.

NOAA View is compatible with all major internet browsers, as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. To use NOAA View, visit:

NOAA welcomes questions and suggestions on this beta version of the NOAA View portal. For more information, please contact Dan Pisut at:

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